Far-Infrared Saunas

Finnleo's Ultra Low EMR/Low EF Far-Infrared Saunas From The Hot Tub Doctor


Treat yourself to healthier infrared

Treating yourself to the relaxation and detoxification benefits of infrared technology is now safer than ever. Pure Infra saunas have the lowest electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electrical field (EF) signatures of any infrared delivery system available—levels far below even Sweden’s tough radiation standards. And the exclusive Evenheat™ system makes sure every single part of you is warmed evenly—providing added comfort and true full body detoxification without the worry of excessive exposure to EMR and EF.

Sweat your way to a better you

In disciplines such as yoga, a daily sweat is acknowledged as one of the single best things you can do to stay healthy. Arteries dilate, improving blood flow throughout the body and relaxing tight or overworked muscles. The production of white blood cells is stimulated, strengthening the immune system. toxins are flushed out through the skin’s pores. In a Pure Infra sauna, the ambient air temperature settles at your preset comfort level— while the safest infrared waves possible penetrate deep into your body, warming you inside and out at the same time. This means you can detoxify comfortably and safely for longer periods. And come out feeling stronger, healthier and in better balance.

Why infrared bathing

  • Body-friendly. Infrared bathing is a safe and comfortable way to detoxify, and relieve aches pains and stress.
  • Time-friendly. There’s no waiting for an infrared sauna to heat up, so you can easily enjoy its benefits anytime.
  • Planet-friendly. Even with daily use, Infrared technology uses as little or less electricity than many other common household appliances.
  • Family-friendly. Infrared saunas are safe and easy to use for kids and adults alike—it’s an excellent investment in your family’s health.

Why Pure Infra

  • Safest of the safe. Pure Infra features the lowest EMR + EF of any infrared sauna on the market.
  • Top to toe comfort. Innovative heating and redistribution systems makes sure the safest infrared in the world heats your whole body evenly.
  • Better body and mind. Thanks to its layout, design and ultra low EMR/EF production, Pure Infra lets you detoxify and relax in comfort for longer periods.
  • Instant gratification. Pure Infra heats up near-instantly to your preset comfort level.
  • Save more energy. Pure Infra plugs into a standard wall outlet, and uses up to 20% less energy than other infrared systems.

Finnleo Pure Sauna CarbonFlex® Heating System

For Sport and Body Conditioning…Far-Infrared by Saunatec

Far-Infrared is perfect as a "heat therapy room” for athletes looking for a pre-workout warm-up – to warm up muscles and increase flexibility, helping to prevent injury. It’s also ideal for pre-warm-up for physical therapy and massage therapy, or for a relaxing wind-down at the end of a stress-filled day. Far-Infrared heat is also ideal for soothing sore muscles and joints after a workout. (Read More)


Finnleo Pure Sauna Color Therapy

Psychological and therapeutic effects of Colors has been provided with permission by Healthstart Life Products, Australia.

NOTICE: We have provided the information here for reference purposes only and to stimulate further investigation. No implication of Saunatec's Infrared Sauna creating a cure for or treating any disease is implied nor should it be inferred. If you have a health issue always consult your doctor for medical advice. (Read More)

The Top Ten Healthful Benefits Of Sauna

Health and Wellness

Much has been made of the health benefits of sauna bathing. With good reason. Physically, nothing is more reinvigorating than a deep, healthy sweat every day. Tension fades. Muscles unwind. Mentally, we emerge relaxed, revived and ready for whatever the day may bring. (Read More)

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Finnleo "Premium Line” Far-Infrared Sauna

  1. Finnleo’s CarbonFlex Far-Infrared "Organic Carbon” Heating Technology.
  2. Digital Controls Inside and Out.
  3. Outstanding Sauna Design.
  4. Luxurious Canadian Hemlock and Western Red Cedar.
  5. All models can be plugged into standard 120-volt household outlets.
  6. Fast Assembly With No Tools.
  7. Lighting Systems and Color Light Therapy.
  8. Sound System.
  9. Finnleo Reputation.
  10. Finnleo Warranty and Customer Service.

(Read More)