S Series Saunas

s1 pure infra

All infrared delivery systems produce EMR and EF to some extent. While the levels are typically low, it is still not clearly understood what the long term effects of low exposure might mean. Pure Infra technology was developed to take the worry out of unnecessary exposure to EMR and EF. For instance, the electrical field in a Pure Infra is less than you’d experience from a computer screen or cell phone. After all, if the point is to detoxify, why expose yourself to any level of unnecessary radiation?

s2 lowest emr

The Lowest EMR and EF available

Simply put, no other infrared sauna system minimizes your exposure to EMR and EF better than Pure Infra. Our exclusive patent-pending technology means Pure Infra saunas produce less EMR and EF than sanctioned by Sweden’s radiation standards—the toughest in the world.

s3 energy

Better for everyone

Pure Infra saunas heat quickly and efficiently with a tap of the touchscreen control. A Pure Infra sauna also heats up near- instantly to your set comfort level while using up to 20% less energy than other systems. That means fewer energy resources are used to provide the safest, most comforting infrared heat bathing experience available— and that’s better for everyone.

s4 heat

Full body heat

The exclusive Evenheat system includes oversized heating panels that ensure infrared waves warm every part of your body evenly — as well as a gentle heat-redistribution system that spreads heat more evenly throughout the sauna. With Even Heat there are no "cold spots” from heat stratification— you are bathed evenly in the safest infrared available from every angle, floor to ceiling.

s5 music

Music to your ears

Every Pure Infra sauna model includes a touch-screen-operated sound system that provides crystal clear pleasure from your favorite MP3’s or the radio.

s6 eyes

Easy on the eyes

Pure Infra saunas include trimodal lighting systems, with soft valance lighting, ceiling reading lights and color light therapy. This allows you to relax in the soft and diffuse valance lighting, use color to create an energizing ambiance, or simply enjoy your favorite magazine or book without straining.


                 S SERIES - MODEL 810


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                 S SERIES - MODEL 870


                S SERIES - MODEL 880

Finnleo Pure Sauna

S Series Specifications

Low EMR and Low EF throughout the entire sauna

By far the lowest EMR/EF of any infrared bathing system —beats even Sweden’s tough standards.

Exclusive EvenHeat technology—warms quickly and evenly with no "cold” spots.

Finishing in clear Canadian Hemlock for its sturdy quality and beauty.

Prefabricated panels for fast assembly with no tools —you can enjoy the full detox and relaxation benefits of your Pure Infra sauna within an hour of delivery.

Full glass fronts and tempered, top quality floor to ceiling glass doors