Hot Tub Doctor sells new hot tubs and spas, and is the area’s exclusive dealer for Vita Spa® and American Whirlpool® Spas.

Why own a spa? Own it because you want a private sanctuary from the hassles of everyday life. Own it to provide a relaxing environment where you can reconnect with family or friends. Own it to relieve tension and anxiety thanks to the massaging action of the jets and gentle warmth of the water.
You will be surprised to know that not all hot tubs are the same.  In the hot tub category itself there are two type of hot tubs:  portable hot tubs and in-ground spas. A portable hot tub is manufactured with all the equipment required for operational use (pumps, heaters, filters, etc), and requires no plumbing on site when it is delivered to your home. Once delivered, it is attached to your home with an electrical connection and if you move, the tub can be moved with you. This differs from an in-ground spa because once an in-ground spa is built into your backyard it is designed to stay with the house. What makes certain hot tubs “better” than others? Lucky for you, like many products and services you have the ability to shop around for the best hot tub to fit your budget and needs.
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Why choose a Vita Spa? Vita Spas are some of the highest-quality spas in the business, featuring a lifetime steel frame and insulation warranty. We love the variety of sizes they offer—including smaller two-person hot tubs like the Duet and Amour—as well as special features like therapeutic SenFlo™ feet massagers and the zone-by-zone sequential massage of their Wave Seat design on Rendezvous and Mystique models.
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Why choose an Elite Spa? Elite Spas are insulated to ensure energy efficienty. With advanced M7 technology, steel construction, and the high-rate ClearMAAX™ filtration system, they are the world’s first Appliance Grade Hot Tub™, more serviceable and dependable than conventional foam-filled hot tubs. We offer Elite Spas in several sizes, from a 3-adult seating capacity to larger models with room for up to 7 adults.
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Need accessories? We carry a full inventory of hot tub covers, steps, fragrances, and other spa maintenance products.
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