Steve Browning started Hot Tub Doctor in 2008 when he realized that, while almost everyone enjoys the benefits of a spa, few people want to do the regular maintenance and cleaning that keeps spas functioning well. He found himself repairing a lot of “sick” hot tubs that could have stayed healthy with just a little preventive maintenance.
That’s when the idea of Hot Tub Doctor developed. Steve began offering hot tub cleaning and maintenance packages to help his customers keep their spas—and spa water—sparkling clean. Customers soon realized that by leaving the maintenance details to the Hot Tub Doctor team, they could enjoy their tubs without the hassle of chemicals, pH testing, and other necessities.

What customers are saying about Hot Tub Doctor:

“Our cleaning package is worth every penny. Our hot tub used to either smell musty or like chemicals. Since we signed up for monthly maintenance, we haven’t noticed a smell at all.”—Amarillo
“We were always worrying about things like sanitizer and trying to get the pH right. It was stressing us out more than the hot tub was helping us relax. With weekly service, we don’t even have to think about any of that anymore, and it’s wonderful.”—Tanglewood Estates
“I don’t know Steve’s secret, but my skin feels better after I get out of my hot tub than it does before I get into it. That never used to happen.”—Amarillo