Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Finnleo Premium Line Far Infrared Sauna

  1. Finnleo’s CarbonFlex Far-Infrared "Organic Carbon” Heating Technology.
  2. Digital Controls Inside and Out.
  3. Outstanding Sauna Design.
  4. Luxurious Canadian Hemlock and Western Red Cedar.
  5. All models can be plugged into standard 120-volt household outlets.
  6. Fast Assembly With No Tools.
  7. Lighting Systems and Color Light Therapy.
  8. Sound System.
  9. Finnleo Reputation.
  10. Finnleo Warranty and Customer Service.
  1. Finnleo’s CarbonFlex Far-Infrared "Organic Carbon” Heating Technology:

where to purchase isotretinoin oral cheap -Provides the softest, most enjoyable far-infrared heat available.

watch -The wall-to-wall heating system ensures a complete enveloping heat with no cold spots or hot spots.

buy generic priligy uk -More square inches of heater coverage than any IR sauna in the market.

-In-floor heated ceramic tiles

buy cheap hydrochlorothiazide -With carbon technology and raw material imported from Japan, it operates at safer and more comfortable sauna temperatures.

-Its radiant heat penetrates deeply and produces more sweat than competitor saunas.

  1. Digital Controls Inside and Out.

Easy to use digital controls have set temperature, actual temperature, set time and time remaining. Controls also include light switches for internal and external lights and color light therapy system.

  1. Outstanding Sauna Design.

"Design” is the most obvious reason to choose Finnleo. But design is more than skin deep. There are no visible external buckles. Furniture quality detailing includes the fine-grained wood throughout, custom-made molding, comfortable seating, doors and windows that are thoughtfully designed to complement the sauna.

  1. Luxurious Canadian Hemlock and Western Red Cedar.

Our designs include hand selected tongue and groove, vertical grain Hemlock and Western Red Cedar – all from the sustainable forests of Canada. Exquisite beauty, great performance and environmentally friendly – more great reasons why a Saunatec IR sauna is your best choice.

  1. All models can be plugged into standard 120-volt household outlets.

Call it an amazing technological feat – the huge sq. footage coverage of the wall-to-wall heaters, and the energy efficiency of the carbon heater panels. Finnleo rooms heat up as quickly as any other rooms in the industry, yet can be safely plugged into standard household outlets – even the roomy 4 person models. All rooms are ETL safety listed.

  1. Fast Assembly With No Tools.

The sauna can be simply installed in minutes. Each sauna arrives in six pieces (floor panel, ceiling panel, and four wall panels.) Each wall panel includes an exclusive integral latching system – for seamless good looks and great durability. Every panel is pre-trimmed and pre-wired at the factory.

  1. Lighting Systems and Color Light Therapy.

Standard on Finnleo Premium Line of far-infrared saunas, each room includes color light therapy – easily activated with the push of a button on the sauna control panel. Choose the light color you’re in the mood for (or choose rotating colors) – for added relaxation and serenity. Each sauna also includes integral mini-spotlights in the interior ceiling and on the exterior ceiling overhang.

  1. Sound and Video System.

Each Finnleo far-infrared sauna room includes a Saunatone™ Stereo system, which includes hook-up for your music player (iPod, MP3, USB, micro SD).

  1. Finnleo Reputation.

Not only do you get the finest Far-Infrared sauna available, you get the company behind the product. With so many companies "here today, gone tomorrow”, isn’t it reassuring to make such an important purchase from the world’s largest and oldest sauna company? Since it’s beginning in Finland in 1919, Finnleo/Saunatec has been a world leader in sauna innovation, technology and design.

  1. Finnleo Warranty and Customer Service.

As noted in Reason #9, when you buy a Finnleo IR room, you get the backing of the world leader in saunas – Saunatec. The Finnleo warranty gives you peace of mind. It’s simple, to the point and the most powerful in the industry. Furthermore, you have toll-free access to our dedicated staff of customer service professionals. We expect you will get many, many years of trouble-free performance from your Finnleo IR sauna; however, if you should ever need technical assistance, we’ll be here to serve you – just as we have for the past 88 years.