3 Reasons Why New Hot Tub Covers Are Better Than Used

Many people believe that buying a used hot tub cover is better than buying a new one, simply because it is cheaper. However, there are many reasons that buying a new cover for your spa is a better investment than buying one that has been previously used. These reasons include weather damage, repair difficulties, and size differences between the cover and the hot tub.

Weather damage on a hot tub cover

Weather is the most common cause of damage on a hot tub cover. Damage can occur from direct sources like hailstorms and sunlight, or from indirect sources like limbs falling from trees during windy storms. Over time, hot tub covers need to be replaced, but sudden damage due to weather events creates an urgent need for a replacement cover. If your hot tub cover has weather damage, it can be tempting to buy a used one due the urgency of protecting your investment. The used cover, however, will also have weather damage. The average lifespan of a new cover is five years, but the lifespan of used hot tub covers will be much shorter because of previous damage.

Hot tub covers are difficult to repair

Unfortunately, hot tub covers can be difficult to repair. The inability of the foam to be replaced makes it hard for owners to repair the cover themselves. It is possible for professionals to attempt to do the repairs, but there are few local repair services available. Because of the difficulty of repairing or replacing parts on spa covers, buying used may seem especially tempting. Unfortunately, the chances of getting a used hot tub cover in mint condition are unlikely. You may run into issues that require replacement or repair, like the foam becoming heavy due to water retention, which only results in another financial loss. Despite the risks of buying used covers, it is acceptable to protect your spa with one while awaiting a new cover. Some hot tub dealers may even allow you to protect your spa with a used cover for free until the new one arrives.

Size differences between a hot tub and a cover

Typically, the size of a spa and the size of a used cover will not be the same. The varying brands and models are one reason why buying used covers is not the best option for protecting your spa. Even if there is a used cover from the same model and brand of hot tub, it most likely will not fit properly. The size differences in the same covers and spas are due to individual issues like weather damage or waterlogged foam. Buying a used hot tub cover may help protect your spa for a short period of time, but only a new cover can provide the greatest protection for your spa. For more information about new and used hot tub covers, contact the maintenance and repair experts at Hot Tub Doctor in Amarillo, Texas today. You can call us at (806) 331-2825 or fill out our contact form by clicking on Contact Us.